An area rich in nature and flavour.

Landscapes and culture

A land rich in colours, scents and flavours, where food products intertwine with tradition and history. Pleasant and easy excursions such as to the Parco Giardino Sigurtà, awarded as Second Most Beautiful Park in Europe, to the Scaligero Castle which stands on the hill and dominates the town from the Middle Ages, the Visconteo bridge and finally Borghetto, known as the old mill village and included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. 

Admiring the sweeping landscapes, we move on to visit small farms that for generations have "taken care" of these lands, where some of the most excellent Italian food that we so love to have on our tables come from.

A journey along the River Mincio to discover landscapes, tradition and history.

Cuisine and local dishes

Valeggio focuses on gastronomy, for this reason there are many restaurants where you can taste various typical dishes but the main one is "Il Tortellino", handmade with a delicate pasta sheet and a meat filling. There is an event dedicated to this local dish from Valeggio and neighbouring villages called "Tortellini & Dintorni" that usually takes place during the first weekend of September, where local pasta and wine producers unite in creating a food and wine journey through the streets of the town. It goes without saying that it is one of those moments where both pleasure and tradition abound.

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