A triumph of taste and craftsmanship awaits those who choose our solid pine wood case for three 0.75cl bottles. This exemplary creation embodies excellence in the art of wine and woodworking. It is the perfect choice for stylishly displaying or gifting three of your favourite 0.75cl bottles. Each bottle has a story to tell, and this box makes it even more memorable.

Material: solid pine
Dimensions: 35x32x11


Unparalleled robustness: made of high-quality solid pine, this box is built to last. Its sturdy structure and careful craftsmanship guarantee maximum protection for your three bottles, keeping their contents safe from knocks and movement.

Attractive design: the exterior design is a masterpiece in itself. Solid pine wood, with its natural texture and unique grain, adds a touch of rustic and elegant beauty to your presentation. The finished metal hinges and fasteners complete the look, creating a visual attraction that will not go unnoticed.

Convenience and versatility: The case is designed to accommodate three 0.75cl bottles, but its versatility goes beyond that. You can use it to store or transport your bottles safely during your wine adventures or to give a winning experience to someone you love.

Price : 14.00 € (incl. 22% VAT)

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