Our Company

A company born from a love for tradition.

Surrounded by nature

After a short trip, leaving behind Lake Garda and following the River Mincio, you will arrive at the ancient remains of Valeggio, a village set on pleasant hills and caressed by a light breeze. At the top of one of these hills, and surrounded by lush greenery, lies the winery “Corte Fornello”. Inspired by the soil's pureness, the vines, the farms and the wineries, a strong feeling begins to grow of finding yourself in an apparently new place, but with the awareness of having always lived there.

Here, the search for ancient values is concentrated in the loving care of the vines, the hard work of the vine-grower, and finds deep roots in the family tradition which, with the new generation, moves towards the future, aware of the needs of modern times, harmoniously fusing ancient tradition with new technology.


An area rich in nature and flavour.

Landscapes and culture

A land rich in colours, scents and flavours, where food products intertwine with tradition and history. Pleasant and easy excursions such as to the Scaligero Castle which stands on the hill and dominates the town from the Middle Ages, the Visconteo bridge and finally Borghetto, known as the old mill village and included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. Admiring the sweeping landscapes, we move on to visit small farms that for generations have "taken care" of these lands, where some of the most excellent Italian food that we so love to have on our tables come from.

A journey along the
River Mincio
to discover landscapes, tradition and history.